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All Hands In

Helping one person might not change the world but it could change the world for one person 

About us 

The only thing in the world over which we have any control is ourselves.

As Children we have grown up eating various fruits and vegetables, not to forget rice made in our own surroundings. Our Grandma used to keep planting various fruit trees like Mango, Custard Apple, Rose Apple, Jackfruit, Gooseburry, Guava, Bananas, Chikku etc. In our Kitchen Garden we used to have various vegetables grown as well. ​

Today with advent of Nuclear Families and Apartment culture these experiences have become unknown to the current generation kids.


With concerns steadily increasing about the current state and quality of our environment and the ongoing issue of climate change, many people are seeking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

This encouraged us to stay focussed on contributing something for the Mother Earth and Humanity which helps retain the delicate link between the two, thus making it favourable for us and the generations to come.

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