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Feed The Needy

As always Gods Angels from Chennai render selfless service amid lockdown..

Its what we do that counts...and these Good Samaritans are showing us the way - distributing free homecooked food, medical supplies and other essentials to conservancy workers, migrant labourers and the homeless [the abandoned and the elderly people] in various locations of Chennai.

These Good Samaritans are showing the world that we don't need to have deep pockets or be rich to help the needy, all that's required is a great heart...

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Blood Donation

Blood donation charity "Gift of Heart" was started by youngsters in Kerala as a WhatsApp group. They have ensured blood for the needy in time. Recently this initiative has been registered as a charitable society and is undertaking yeoman services for the needy. 


GOHS, with more than 2000 active members is a community that works to connect Patients who is in need of blood, with Blood Donors. The community has people from all walks of life, from all social and economic levels and backgrounds, students etc. rending service through different types of charity work. 

Energy Saving

National Matriculation Higher Secondary School, a reputed school managed by Empee Educational & Charitable Trust, located in Guindy, Chennai, implemented DC Based Energy Saving System and is now enjoying its benefits. 

In Modern World, Educational Institutions provide a unique opportunity for energy efficiency and renewable energy application and education, not only through curriculum but also through technology deployment.

This school has set a great example for its students who are learning the importance of green energy.

Waste Management

Many of us does not think much about the trash we throw away.  Let us understand that our old stuff becomes new for someone!

Zero Waste Management is a theory that has multiple definitions. The basic principle is that nothing should be thrown into landfills– that everything is somehow reused or repurposed. Achieving a 100% diversion from landfills is not an easy task as Municipal Solid Waste Management techniques varies from city to city. Hence, there’s no better place to take some practical steps towards zero waste than in your own home.

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Clean Green Homes
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We have failed to notice the clear signals given by Nature. We have harmed our nature to an extent where climate disruptions are really getting worse by the day. Landslides, cyclones, earthquakes, heat waves, heavy rainfalls etc. are very frequent nowadays. 


We as humans have a big responsibility to focus on key environmental issues and take necessary actions. We need to make environmental conservation a habit in our daily life and this has to start from our home, it should become a part of school curriculum and Pollution needs to be taxed.


Lets create models around us - beginning from our home!



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