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My Garden

As Children we have grown up eating various fruits and vegetables, not to forget rice made in our own surroundings. Our Grandma used to keep planting various fruit trees like Mango, Custard Apple, Rose Apple, Jackfruit, Gooseburry, Guava, Bananas, Chikku etc. In our Kitchen Garden we used to have various vegetables grown as well. 

Today with advent of Nuclear Families and Apartment culture these experiences have become unknown to the current generation kids.

Through "My Garden" the promoters want to continue with our Grand Parents’ vision by bringing back those gardens back into the city where they own small parcels of land instead of constructing big concrete jungles. We want to practice healthy crop rotation, encourage rain water harvesting, efficiently using local water sources and carefully selecting produce varieties that grow well and taste great.

We hope that “My Garden” will become your Garden. Lets make food that tastes great and is good for all.

We grow our food locally just outside the city limits on various land parcels in different cities. Picked fresh and to your table quickly. No cross continent truck ride for our veggies! You won’t believe how good really fresh veggies can taste. Minimally packaged. Ethically grown.

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