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Adopt, Grow or Contribute For A Tree

"According to recent researches India's per capita CO2 emission is 1.4 metric ton (i.e. 1400 kg) and its growing high with development. Trees are the most efficient value for money way to offset CO2 emission, as a single average full fledged tree extinguish 21 kg of CO2 per year" 


'Ache Din' - Thats one thing that we keep hearing every day. Smart Cities, Industrialisation, Nuclear Energy based power plants, ports, airports, sky scrapers etc etc. Of Course, all these changes contributed in making our life style better in many ways. But, while making changes in our life style we are unable to see that we are highly contributing towards destruction too, as we never thought of giving back responsibly what we have taken from our mother nature. This irresponsible attitude of just consuming the resources without ever trying to replenish them, contributed to destruction and this destruction has certainly surpassed all other benefits of our partial development.


It's high time for us to take step to turn ourselves from irresponsible individuals to responsible human beings. Though certainly we can't replenish all or can't be a great producer of what we have consumed till now, but what we can surely do is, to conserve what we are still left with, and try to replenish whatever we can. All it needs is strong persistence and just a little contribution by all.


Adopting, Growing or Contributing for a tree is certainly the most simple and efficient way to ensure your first step towards contribution for conservation.

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