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Do you have the passion to associate with Social causes? You could volunteer with us for a minimum of two hours every week or on and off for events and one-off volunteering opportunities.

We need good people to be around, give us a hand and make the initiative a success. If you think, you can make a difference, Register with us and we will get in touch with you through Email and/or SMS regarding the causes you can choose and the locations where you can volunteer.



We offer internships at Bangalore, Calicut and Wynad throughout the year. Interns are not provided any remuneration.

Accommodation will be provided on sharing basis. Facility for cooking food also will be provided. We are looking at an exchange of services for the benefit of the student and our programs. The interns will be provided with a certificate at the end of the engagement. Interns should be willing to work full time or part time.


An Act that can make a faster impact in a vulnerable human beings life. Make a difference by donating in cash or kind and help change a life today. We ensure effective and targeted deployment of donations received.


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